What is conveyancing? Good question.

Buyers and sellers will often ask what is conveyancing and do I really need a conveyancer. When you are asking the who, what and where’s of conveyancing you need to ask yourself one question, how will the property I am buying or selling be transferred from one person to the other? Conveyancing is how this happens, it is a service provided by lawyers or conveyancers to assist in the smooth transition of the properties title from a seller to a buyer.

Conveyancing can be a complex legal process and it is important to enlist the services of a qualified professional. So, now that we have answered the question what is conveyancing, let’s look at a few tips in choosing a conveyancer:

  1. Choose a lawyer over a licensed conveyancer. They are often similar prices however lawyers can provide legal advice in the event an issue arises.
  2. Choose a lawyer who deals in property. Don’t go for a “jack of all trades” and don’t go to criminal or personal injury firm. You are just wasting your time.
  3. Choose a lawyer that will communicate with you constantly. Some conveyancing lawyers will leave you in the dark and not provide you with sufficient amount of updates to put your mind at ease during the process.
  4. Choose a lawyer that uses online technology, where you can see what stage your file is at and what important dates are coming up.
  5. Choose a lawyer who charges a fixed affordable price. Also know what this price includes, although it is fixed there are things that aren’t included that are out of the normal course of a conveyance.
What is conveyancing

Conveyable provides an innovative conveyancing service which harnesses modern technologies and efficient stream lined processing meaning you receive a more effective and stress free service. Our team of lawyers offer this service Queensland wide, at a fixed price and affordable rate. All communication is over the phone, email, online or by post. There is no need for lengthy meetings and because of this we can offer a more efficient service all across Queensland.

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