What does a conveyancer do?

It’s a common question and not a silly one. Your buying or selling a property and your real estate agent or family member says you need to get a conveyancer. You think it sounds expensive and ask yourself what does a conveyancer actually do.

For buyers, here is the answer to “what does a conveyancer do?”:

  • Advises you on the contract.
  • Communicates with the seller’s conveyancer on special conditions, cooling off and exchange of contract.
  • Arranges for the balance deposit to be paid.
  • Communicates with the seller’s conveyancer to make the contract go unconditional.
  • Conducts and checks all the relevant property searches to ensure there are no adverse findings and to protect the buyer’s interest.
  • Prepares the transfer of property papers for the seller’s solicitors to view.
  • Makes arrangements with the incoming bank if the property is being financed.
  • Prepares the settlement figures including any adjustments.
  • Arranges and effects settlement.


For sellers, here is the answer to “what does a conveyer do?”:

  • Prepares the contract (if instructed to or if the real estate agent does not).
  • Communicates with the buyer’s conveyancer on special conditions, cooling off and exchange.
  • Receives the balance deposit into trust (or arranges for it to go into the agent’s trust account).
  • Communicates the contract to go unconditional.
  • Deals with the outgoing bank (if applicable).
  • Checks the transfer papers sent from the buyer’s conveyancer.
  • Checks the settlement figures.
  • Arranges settlement with the buyer’s lawyer.


Now you know the answer to “what does a conveyance do?”.

what does a conveyancer do

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