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Efficient and cost effective conveyancing. That’s it, simple. We are one of the first to harness the power of online technology, changing the face of conveyancing in Queensland with stream lined processes, innovative procedures and the latest online technologies. The benefit to you is a lower, fixed-price conveyance with better service.

We are lawyers

Your conveyance file will have a dedicated lawyer to oversee the entire conveyancing process. We have years of property and conveyancing experience across Queensland. Because we are lawyers and not just conveyancers, we can provide a more comprehensive legal service and legal advice should the need arise.

Why we are different

We are not like your ‘old school’ conveyancers or lawyers who are burnt out, grumpy and who charge you extra fees every time you call or email to ask a question. We bring a fresh approach to conveyancing and utilise modern technology to keep you updated.

When to get in contact

Get in contact if you have some initial enquiries or if you have already signed a contract, tell your agent you wish to use conveyable.com.au as your conveyancer, our contact details are:

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Conveyable, PO Box 949

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Level 2, 33 Elkhorn Avenue

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Ph:       1300 670 886

Fax:     (07) 3319 6708


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