Selling Property in Queensland

So you’ve decided on selling property that you own. Move on to bigger and better things! You are probably at the stage where you have either decided to sell or an agent has put a contract in front of you from a buyer to sign. Selling property can be a stress free process provided you have the right conveyancing lawyer on your side.

It is at this stage of selling property that you need to appoint a lawyer or conveyancer to make your sale run smoothly and stress free so you can transition into your next property (or stage in your life). What ever that next stage is in your life, it is important to approach it with a clear outlook and no headaches from a bad experience selling your property.

From a lawyer’s point of view, there is usually less work involved for a conveyance on a sale opposed to a purchase of a property, therefore the costs and fees for a seller are lower.

Typically for selling your property, the following steps are involved:

  1. Preparing the contract (prepared by real estate agent or lawyer).
  2. Negotiating a sale price.
  3. Signing a contract.
  4. Appointing a lawyer/conveyancer.
  5. Agreeing for the contract to go unconditional.
  6. Booking in the discharge with your bank (if applicable).
  7. Pre-Settlement preparation of transfer documents.
  8. Moving arrangements.
  9. Settlement.


You can get a lawyer involved at two different steps in the conveyancing process. Either when you need a contract prepared to sell your property or at the stage when you have a signed the contract from the buyer.

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