Property Solicitors, 5 reasons you need them

You may be thinking what are property solicitors, why do I need one and if I do where do I find a good one. This page helps you in understanding the importance of a property solicitor’s role and 5 reasons why people use these types of solicitors.

Reason 1

Generally, the buyers and sellers of a property need their own independent solicitors to carry out the conveyancing of the property on their behalf. Conveyancing is a complex job and solicitors are trained and experienced in dealing with property titles, the transfer process and the applicable land legislation.

Reason 2

There is a big difference between property solicitors and licensed conveyancers. As we mentioned solicitors are trained in and experienced with the property conveyancing process. In addition, they can provide you with complex legal advice should a need arise or a problem occur when dealing with the other side of the transaction. A licensed conveyancer cannot provide legal advice and if advice is required, they will need to refer you to a solicitor.

Reason 3

Property solicitors who deal a lot in conveyancing charge fixed fees. These property lawyers know how to provide an efficient service at a low cost. Its called the economies of scale, the more you do the sharper you can be on price.

Reason 4

Property solicitors are insured. As a requirement of practicing law, lawyers must hold professional indemnity insurance. Mistakes or oversights can sometimes rarely be made and it’s always re-assuring to know that in the slim chance an oversight is made that you are covered.

Reason 5

Property solicitors take the stress out of conveyancing. They are educated and experienced in conveyancing and communicating with clientele. Effective communication is key to a hassle free conveyance and it also keeps you aware of what stage your file is at and what needs to be done in the medium to short term.

Property Solicitors

Conveyable provides a service, backed by property solicitors, of affordable, fixed-price conveyancing. Thanks to modern technologies and our fresh approach, we offer this service Queensland wide. All communication is over the phone, email, online or by post so there is no need for time consuming appointments.

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