Property lawyers, what do they do?

The main role of property lawyers is to carry out conveyancing services. This is basically the transfer of a properties title from one person to the other. Both sides of the transaction, being the buyer of the property and the seller, usually have separate property lawyers. This ensures both sides of the conveyance are independent and there are no conflicts of interests.

The property lawyers are to act in the best interest of each of their clients and finalise the property settlement as hassle free and as easy as possible.

What licences or certificates do property lawyers need to have?

Property lawyers hold law degrees, practising certificates and professional indemnity insurance. They have an in depth knowledge of property law in Australia and are highly experienced in conveyancing.

When do you need Property Lawyers?

You need to obtain the services of property lawyers when you are ready to buy or sell property in your Queensland. You tell your agent the name of your lawyer and they will send the contract to their office to get started.

Are Property Lawyers expensive?

Yes and no. For standard conveyancing services prices are usually fixed and very competitive. For complex property matters or disputes lawyers usually charge and hourly rate.

Why use a property lawyer?

They are your best tool in assisting with the transfer of a property. They are often just as competitively priced as licensed conveyancers, however licensed conveyancers do not have the ability to provide legal advice. Also, doing it yourself or DIY kits are just fraught with dangers and pitfalls. Save yourself the hassle down the track and get a good property lawyer.

Property Lawyers

Conveyable is a service backed by a team of property lawyers who offer affordable, fixed price conveyancing Queensland wide. Thanks to innovative processes and a fresh approach the service is provided online, over the phone and email and therefore no lengthy appointments are required.

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