Conveyancing service

People often ask, What is Conveyancing?

To put it simply, conveyancing is the service of transferring a property’s title from one person to another.

Who needs Conveyancing?

Buyers and Sellers of a property need a solicitor who is experienced in conveyancing, one who can ensure an easy and hassle free transaction.

Top 4 Tips on Conveyancing.

As you can imagine, the conveyancing process can be complicated with numerous property laws, title boundaries, different parties’ interests, special conditions in the contract and so forth. To navigate this headache, here are a few tips in finding a conveyancing service firm:

1. Forget trying to do it yourself. Its complex and it can be a headache if you do not know what you are doing;

2. Forget using a conveyancer, get a lawyer. If, and we mean if, things go wrong and legal advice is needed a conveyancer can not provide you with this and they are likely to have to refer you to a property lawyer.

3. Forget about the “old school” grumpy local lawyer who dabbles in a bit of everything. You need a nimble and efficient lawyer who is experienced in conveyancing and deals in conveyancing day in day out.

4. Conveyancing Services have been around for hundreds of years however this doesn’t mean the process needs to be slow and archaic. Modern technologies mean efficient conveyancing, which in turn benefits you. Ask conveyancing firms how they keep you updated and how the service is provided.

When does the Process Start?

Sellers typically get a lawyer involved when they have sold their property or when they need a contract prepared to sell their property.

Buyers usually get a conveyance service firm involved when they have signed on the dotted line and need someone to take it from there.

Where do I find a Conveyancing Firm?

The convenience of the Australian states and territories is that state property laws are all based on the Torrens titling system. This means the property laws and contract concepts are the same throughout Queensland. For this reason innovative firms can take advantage of modern technology and service all of Queensland.


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