Conveyancing Gold Coast

Gold coast is a vibrant place to buy and sell property, its got the sun, surf and lifestyle that many desire. When you are buying or selling you need conveyancing gold coast lawyers to assist with the process and handle the transaction.

What do conveyancing Gold Coast lawyers do?

The role of a conveyancer in a nutshell is to assist with the transfer of a property for buyers and sellers. However, behind the scenes the role is more complex and involves briefly the following steps:

  1. Assistance with preparing the contract or advising on it.
  2. Assistance with getting the parties to agree to go unconditional.
  3. Conducting searches on the property to protect the client’s interest.
  4. Preparing or checking the transfer papers.
  5. Coordinating settlement with various banks.
  6. Coordinating and attending settlement.
  7.  Stamping and lodging the transfer documents.


As you can see, conveyancing Gold Coast solicitors play a vital role in the entire process.

Who provides conveyancing Gold Coast assistance?

In Queensland, only lawyers or law firms can conduct conveyancing services. Other states have what are called licensed conveyancers. By only allowing lawyers to conduct conveyancing Gold Coast services you receive a higher quality legal service. Property lawyers provide conveyancing, don’t go to your general practitioner or another “jack of all trades” lawyer.

Why can I not do conveyancing myself?

Lawyers who provide conveyancing Gold Coast are experienced and educated in property law. They deal with property conveyancing on a daily basis. By doing it yourself you are just creating stress and possibly serious consequences down the track if an error is made. For an affordable price you can get the services of a professional.

Conveyancing Gold Coast

How to know when you have found a good conveyancing Gold Coast service provider?

Our company provides fixed-price affordable conveyancing and we bring a fresh and innovative approach. Our service, backed by a team of property lawyers, is provided online, over email, over the phone and by post. Long meetings are a way of the past and we can offer a more efficient service that benefits you.

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