Conveyancing fees

Want to know more about conveyancing fees for a property purchase or sale?

It’s always important to know what is going to be charged and what the fees are before appointing a conveyancing practice to complete your property transaction for you.

The following is a list of general conveyancing fees a lawyer or conveyancer will charge you:

Conveyancing Professional fees

This is the conveyancing fees for providing the service to you. It’s usually fixed price and is typically cheaper for a seller than a buyer. For a seller there is less work involved than for a buyer.

Conveyancing Search fees

These are government and council search fees that relate to your property that the conveyancer does on your behalf. These searches are completed to verify information related to the property to protect your interest. For example a title search shows what mortgages need to be removed from the title before it is transferred. If it is transferred with the mortgage than the new owner’s interest is affected by the mortgage.

Conveyancing Registration and settlement fees

These are government and service provider’s charges for attending settlement and registering the land title documents at the land registry.

Conveyancing Stamp Duty

This is a government tax/duty imposed on the sale of a property by the government. The amount of the Stamp Duty depends on the amount the property has been sold for.

If solicitors or conveyancers are not upfront about their fees right from the start you should not proceed with using their services. You do not want any big surprises down the track or a lawyer pursuing you for fees you did not agree to in the first place.

Conveyancing fees

Conveyable can assist you with affordable, fixed-price and efficient conveyancing fees. We service all of Queensland and use innovative technologies to streamline your conveyancing process without compromising the stellar service provided to you. The service is provided over the phone, email and post and is throughout Queensland. There is no need for time consuming appointments.

You can either contact us with any questions or let the real estate agent know you will be using our service and they will forward the contract to us.

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