Conveyancers you can rely on.

If you’re searching around looking for conveyancers and finding it difficult to choose, this page will provide some tips.

There are basically two different types of conveyancers, licensed conveyancers and lawyers. Licensed conveyancers are basically legal secretaries who have completed a conveyancing course and obtained a license in the relevant state. Their role in providing legal advice is limited. Lawyers on the other hand, are usually property solicitors who are experienced in and offer conveyancing as part of their property legal services. Should a complex legal issue arise during your conveyance they will have no trouble providing legal advice on the issue. This page will use the term conveyancer and lawyer interchangeably.

Are Conveyancers expensive?

The common misconception is that lawyers will generally charge more. This is incorrect as most lawyers will charge a fixed fee for the conveyance service. It’s all about finding the right lawyer conveyancers who can offer this service.

5 Tips for finding Conveyancers

Here are some tips when looking at conveyancers and lawyers when buying or selling:

1. Make sure their prices are clearly displayed on their website;

2. Know what the price includes and doesn’t include;

3. Ask if they are insured if they make a mistake;

4. Ask whether they are licensed conveyancers or lawyers;

5. Ask how they communicate with you during the process.

Communication is a key factor and conveyancers who lack communication can often get you worried and stressed. During the process you need a lawyer who will constantly stay in touch even if it is just a quick email update here and there.

When do I contact Conveyancers?

For buyers, you generally get conveyancers or your lawyer involved when you have signed a contract. You tell the agent to put your chosen lawyers details on the contract and to send the contract to them to begin.

For sellers, you generally get conveyancers or your lawyer involved when you have signed a contract or if you need a contract prepared. You tell the agent to put your lawyer on the contract and to forward it to them to get moving on your file.


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