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You probably are searching around looking for a conveyancer and they all seem pretty similar. However, we recommend you ask the right questions and get the right answers before choosing a conveyance services firm, as there can be a big difference in customer service and efficiency with conveyancing.

Ask the firm who carries out the conveyance services

Some firms have licensed conveyancers, some firms have lawyers. Lawyers have an in-depth legal knowledge of property legislation and experience and should a complex issue arise with your conveyance, you would rather have a lawyer on your side to resolve the issue.

Ask the firm how they will keep you updated during the conveyance services

It’s important that you are not left in the dark. Innovative firms use modern technology to keep you updated each step of the way and notify you when important dates are closing in (i.e. finance clauses or special conditions). Understand how your conveyancer communicates with you right from the start.

Ask the firm whether their conveyance services are insured

It’s prudent to ensure your conveyancing services are insured in the event an error or mistake is made. Mistakes do happen, not often, but in the event they do make sure insurance is in place.

Ask the firm what their conveyance services cost and what it includes

Its important to know what the fees and charges are and what will cost you extra. Most conveyancing firms charge fixed prices. Make sure you look around for a competitive price however keep in mind the cheapest is not often the best.

Look at the firms experience with providing conveyance services

Just as you would not go to your dentist to get glasses, you wouldn’t go to a criminal lawyer for your property legal work. Property lawyers know what they are doing and complete conveyance services day in, day out.

Conveyance services

Conveyable assists with fixed price, affordable and efficient conveyancing. Our innovative process takes advantage of modern technology which benefits you with a well priced conveyance and a premium service. Our service is offered Queensland-wide and can all be done over the phone and email.

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