Buying Property

Congratulations you are entering the property market, exciting times! You may be buying property for your first home, buying your first investment property or you may be the seasoned property flipper.

You need a lawyer who can take you through the buying property process with ease and handle your conveyance from A to B.

The steps involved with buying property can be stress free and without hassle provided you have the right help on your side. These steps for buying a property, from a conveyancing point of view, include:

    1. Negotiating a purchase price.
    2. Signing a contract.
    3. Dealing with the cooling off period (if applicable).
    4. Paying the deposit.
    5. Obtaining your finance approval (if applicable).
    6. Completing a building/pest inspection (if applicable).
    7. Going unconditional.
    8. Pre-Settlement preparation of transfer documents.
    9. Settlement.
    10. Paying stamp duty.
    11. Moving in to the property.


A lawyer or conveyancer generally get involved when you have signed the contract and have decided on the property you wish to purchase.

For buying a property, a lawyer or property conveyancer manages your property transaction right up until the point when the property is transferred into your name. Generally, the transaction steps include satisfying the conditions of the contract, conducting searches to protect your interests, ensuring there are no adverse issues with the property, preparing the transfer papers, coordinating with your bank if you are financing the property, attending settlement and transferring the property’s title into your name.

The costs of a conveyance is typically cheap considering the pitfalls that could go wrong that could cost you thousands down the track. By utilising a lawyer’s skills and experience for your conveyancing, it assists you in navigating the possible pitfalls.

Buying Property

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For more information on Buying Property see our FAQ’s page. Regarding stamp duty and cooling off.

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